How to kick off

To start experimenting with the board you have to have:
  • The PIC18F47J53 data sheet from Microchip website. It is the essential reference document. You have to have it always within reach. Professional programmers constantly cast glances to the data sheet, while programming. You will get from it all information, and even, unfortunately, some mistakes, so it is good to have the errata.
  • The development system. You can download it from the Microchip website. There are two solutions available:
  • MPLAB-IDE and MPLAB_X are, both, available from this link.
  • If you don't own the PicKit3 (programmer-debugger (or the PicKit2), you can download the software to use the internal bootloader from the download page.

Related documents.

This documents are also available from website. They show how to start from scratch with the board.