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PIERIN PIC18 Getting Started
Written by Pietro Baima (PietroBaima)
The aim of this paper is to describe the very first steps in order to install the development system MPLAB-IDE, the compiler MPLAB-C18, the bootloader, and to verify the PIERIN board is working properly and it will connect to the bootloader via USB. Once the entire system is running you may move on, to make the first programming experience ...

PIERIN PIC18: An Open Source Board to learn and to experiment with microcontrollers
Written by Pietro Baima (PietroBaima)
Nowadays it is plenty of microcontrollers with their development systems. There are tiny microcontrollers, in a little 6 pin case, and there are hulking ones, with 32 bits of stunning capabilities. This huge offer on the market is good, but on the other hand it can confuse those who would like to get experience in this field. For a beginner it's difficult, actually, to choose the right starting development system ...

PIERIN-PIC18 model for OrCAD Capture and Layout
Written by Pietro Baima (PietroBaima)
Recently I brushed up my good old OrCAD application software, the PCB editor version for PCB OrCAD Layout, searching about some schematics, maybe involving the Pierin board. Unfortunately I'm still waiting for good inspiration, but, in the meantime, I have made the electrical symbol for Capture with its related footprint, for a PCB design ...

Development systems

Install MPLAB X IDE and compiler XC8 for the PIERIN PIC18 in Linux, the "how to" guide
Written by Pietro Baima (PietroBaima)
I don't know whether it is strictly necessary for the PIERIN, but in general, when serial connections are used it is advisable to add the user to the dialout and tty groups. It is possible to use the shell commands ...